Advance Review: Fairy Godmothers, Inc. by Saranna DeWylde

Lucky is chronically, comically unlucky. Ransom, the boy she loves, leads a charmed life full of success – with a secret boost from their trio of shared fairy godmothers. But every time he tries to get close to her, her bad luck has catastrophic consequences for him. When their beloved godmothers ask them both for help, one thing is clear: a scheme to ensure Lucky and Ransom live happily ever after is officially afoot.

Verdict: bibbidy-boppity-boo with a contemporary twist, set in the magical world of Ever After, sugarspun storytelling, intentionally cartoonish vibe

More fairytale-magical than paranormal, this novel is the sweet first entry kicking off a new series in the land of Ever After. The cast of characters is loaded with all your other favorite childhood staples: Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Queen, etc.

Lucky, our heroine, has the kind of wildly unrealistic misfortune where simply hugging a nemesis in a cafe will immediately rain misfortune and identity theft upon said enemy. The kind of misfortune where even kissing Ransom pelts him with grapefruit-sized cherries from a previously barren tree. Not just papercut-type bad luck, but full plague-of-locusts bad luck.

Long kept apart by the bad luck she tries to avoid infecting loved ones with, Lucky and Ransom have still always shared a connection. Likewise, they’ve also always shared the same darling godmothers – who Ransom knows are fairies, while Lucky is still in the dark.

As they navigate their way to a happily-ever-after, guided by those meddling old biddies and their magical friends, the reader discovers things – e.g. magic – more or less when Lucky does. Since many other things need to be established about the characters and their history and setting first, the pacing of this exposition is drawn out. In and of itself, isn’t necessarily a shortcoming.

However, some aspects of the irregularly-paced worldbuilding still left questions wide open at the end of the novel: for instance, is it normal to have three fairies looking after you instead of one, and how come Lucky and Ransom just happened to have the same ones? How come they have three, while humans like Lucky’s best friend have none? If these three are the only fairies in the magical town of Ever After, where do the others live – are there many secret magical settlements around the world, or is this highly unusual?

TLDR: If you have an ache in your sweet tooth, this fluffy, funny little marshmallow of a modern fairytale should squarely hit those once-upon-a-time cravings.

(Credits: Advance review copy provided by Kensington Books. Image by Felix Mittermeier. Hits shelves Dec 29 2020.)

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