Advance Review: Accidentally in Love by Belinda Missen

Fed up with her romantic and professional disappointments, a strong-willed art expert decides to strike out on her own, packing up her London life to open her dream gallery in her hometown.

Verdict: well-paced, solidly satisfying, with endearing characters flawed just enough to avoid clichés.

Ever feel like everything you’ve done has amounted to nothing, despite working hard and having reasonably good luck in the lottery of family and friends? If so, then you know where Katharine finds herself in this book. (If not, why are you even reading this blog dedicated to escapism? Seriously, share your story in the comments; I’d love to know.)

A competent workaholic passed over one too many times by the boys’ club at her employer’s gallery, the stars seemingly align for Katharine to go home to Sheffield, where her artsy family and the new adventure of launching her own venture await. And this is no glossy montage of paint swatches – the author does not gloss over the groundwork and elbow grease (and life savings) our heroine puts on the line to put up that Katharine Patterson Gallery sign above the door.

And if along the way, she meets a talented, standoffish artist who might be the antidote to her latest London lawyer heartbreak? So much the better, because she’s learning firsthand that no one leaping off a precipice can truly go it alone.

TLDR: A strong leading lady with a will of steel and a lovingly eccentric family give this love story guts.

(Credits: Advance review copy provided by HQ Digital. Image c/o author’s Twitter. Published Sept 11 2020.)

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