Advance Review: Kisses and Croissants by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

A charming budding ballerina spends a summer training in Paris, where she’s all about hard work and wide-open futures – and a handsome French suitor.

Verdict: sweet, somewhat forgettable, light and summery, a little juvenile.

You’d think a seventeen year old, who lives abroad in Paris for months without her family and is on the cusp of a professional ballet career, would be at least vaguely adult-ish. Nope. Protagonist Mia, while clearly a sweetheart, offers a narrative that packs somewhat less emotional maturity and nuance than I expected.

That juvenile vibe makes this book more suitable for the middle school set than readers Mia’s own age. And Mia makes a decent pre-teen role model – she’s deeply invested in her craft and her relatives, both of which she prioritizes above cute boy Louis. (Looo-eeee! French is fun. Also, Mia’s French skill level is likewise juvenile and preteen-friendly.)

TLDR: If you’re looking for a cute, breezy read for a preteen who appreciates a ballerina story and/or wants a French summer fling, this is it.

(Credits: Advance review copy provided by Random House Children’s. Image c/o author’s website. Hits shelves Apr 6 2021.)

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